Why Move by Design?

Move by Design smeinar
Mon September 14
Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio

Our lives are filled with daily physical, chemical and emotional stressors that can present as structural changes to the body as it tries to adapt the best way it can to the environment we place it in.


Physical stressors are repetitive traumas like sitting down all day hunched in front of a computer then going home and doing the same as you plop in front of the TV.


Chemical stressors are the pollutants that we breathe in voluntarily or involuntarily and the crappy foods we are eating to survive instead of thrive. Emotional stressors are deadlines and expectations we put on ourselves to please others instead of ourselves.


As you can see, unless you live in a bubble these stressors affect us on a daily basis. Move by design is one of the essential steps to helping you adapt to the daily stressors we call life. In the seminar we will teach you movements to help restore motion and help to reset your neurology so you can negate some of the affects from every day life.


The next Move by Design seminar takes place on Tues. Sept. 15th at West London CrossFit starting at 7:30pm. It’s recommended that you dress in clothes that you can move, bend, stretch and get to and from the ground in. To register for this upcoming Move by Design seminar or a future one, visit our Eventbrite page.


Dr. Joel Richards is the owner of the Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio and West London CrossFit in London, Ontario. A father of two, he is an advocate of movement and mobility and the importance of a clear nervous system to create optimal health.

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