Postcards from Peru

Postcards from Peru
Mon August 17
Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio

Dr. Justine – Postcard #1

Happy August! As I am writing this, it is T minus 4 days until my last shift here at the Cafe of Life. At our last staff meeting (which was actually just an excuse for Dr Joel, Brent, Laura, and I to go out for lunch) Brent had a great idea — He suggested that I stay in touch with everyone here through monthly “Post Cards From Peru” which will be shared in the newsletter.


So this month, he designed the postcard space for me where you will get to read about how chiropractic & the Life By Design principles are being shared in Peru!

Step one is learning Spanish. For me.. Not for you. Rest assured your correspondence will arrive “en Inglés.”


Since I don’t have any stories yet… I am going to leave you with some fun facts about Peru instead.


FACT: Potatoes were first domesticated in Peru – and there are over 3000 different varieties of potatoes that grow wild there!

When the Spanish conquistadors conquered the Inca Empire, the first thing they exported to Europe was the potato, where it was quickly adopted as a cheap, easy to grow food crop.


FACT: Peru counts among the 10 most biologically diverse countries in the world.

There are rainforest, ocean, mountain, desert, glaciers, & grassy plains which contribute to 90 distinct microclimates in this one small country.


FACT: Peru shares borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.


FACT: Peru has claims to 60 million square hectares of land in Antarctica and has a Scientific Station called Machu Picchu on that continent.

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