Moving By Design

Move by Design
Tue June 2
Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio

The Move by Design seminar, hosted by the Life By Design team, will help you learn the the 4 parameters of Move by Design: Be Mobile, Lift Heavy, Go Fast, Move Slow. More importantly, we’ll focus on the one parameter that connects them all – Mobility.

You’ll learn first hand our Joint-to-Joint mobility program, how to use a foam roller and lacrosse ball and a fantastic dynamic stretching routine that can be used before or after any engaging activity.

Make sure you wear your gym clothes so you can get down on the floor and experience the Move By Design Mobility Program first hand.

The Move By Design seminar happens of Tues. June 9th, starting at 7:30pm at West London CrossFit. To attend, please register for the seminar by following the link learn how to be Supple like a leopard.




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