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Wed October 3
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Hey Everyone! Rebecca here. I quite honestly have very little recollection of what happened to September. I know I did a bunch of stuff. But the day-to-day is a blur. It’s probably because we welcomed our baby boy on September 12th and he’s been consuming our lives ever since. You may have seen our exciting news posted on social media, but if not, here’s the good stuff:

Wentz Bruce Ogilvie was born Tuesday September 12th at 7:16am. 8lbs 6oz of soft and squishy love love love. Mom, Dad and Baby Wentz are all doing great settling into life as a family of three. Their cat Sofia, however, is still very unsure about the newest addition.

At almost a month old Wentz really likes to poop in the fresh diaper his Dad puts on. He also likes walks, chiro appointments, flexing his lungs (and his legs), snuggling, Curious George books, and fighting sleep (because life is just so exciting #FOMO). He is not a fan of baths or any of the fancy baby chairs that vibrate and swing. He’s also weighing closer to 10lbs now, so needless to say, he loves eating.

I hope you all had as amazing a September as we did. What an amazing month of new beginnings! I’m convinced this is going to be one of the best fall’s ever. Do your best to enjoy every moment of it with your loved ones.

I already miss you all! Fingers crossed we start to see some of you around the Cafe soon. Looking forward to catching up eventually.

Love, always


Curious about the name Wentz? You might not have guessed this but Rebecca and her husband are big, like really BIG!!! Philadelphia Eagle fans.  So much so they named their little quarterback after the Eagle’s QB, Carson Wentz.

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