Our 10 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Tue June 27
Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio
From Saturday July 8th until our Think by Design Seminar on Monday, July 17th join us for our first ever Mindfulness Challenge – It’s a free 10 day event and all you need is a internet connection and 10 minutes a day to take part.
To join us, simply download the Headspace App for your smart phone or open the website in your internet browser, sign-up for their FREE beginner program and start your ‘Day 1’ journey with us on Sat. July 8th.
Let us know you’ll be joining by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page as Rebecca and Brent will be posting daily updates, thoughts and advice. Don’t be shy, we’d love for you to add to the conversationand hear how a little mindfulness has changed your day.
See you on the 8th!
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